January 5, 2015

Next Meeting – The Contract – Part 3

Before I conclude this meeting, I must tell you kind readers that Mistress Cindy has been a bit upset with me on many levels.  First, In particular, that I have been so slow on this blog.  I will face some unknown consequence(s) if I do not step it up in the next few weeks so expect several updates – guaranteed.  Second, Mistress Cindy has decided that she will be greatly expanding my sissification in 2015.  She feels that she has been too lenient with me, and she intends to seriously expand my training.  Anyone that follows her on Fetlife https://fetlife.com/users/815414 will realize how serious she is, and she started right from the first stroke of midnight.  Not sure if Mistress Cindy will want to weigh in any further here.

Now to continue.  

After Mistress Cindy felt I had stewed enough, she released me from the latex catsuit and sent me to the shower.  The hot water felt good on my shriveled skin.  When I emerged from my shower, my new uniform had been laid out.  Sumptuous pantyhose, 5 inch heels, a white blouse and a latex hobble skirt.  When fully zipped down, the hobble limits my progress to about 4 inch steps.  Especially in the 5” heels. 

I dressed and headed downstairs.  There Mistress Cindy attached wrist cuffs and a collar.  Next she attached chains from one wrist through my collar to the other wrist and locked the collar.   This gave her the option to limit the distance my hands could travel whenever she wanted.  I was then sent off to prepare dinner.  She tied the chains so I could only use my hands to chest level, so it was a bit harder to prepare the meal, along with the hobble.

After finishing our meal and a nice bottle of wine, I was required to clean up while Mistress Cindy went to make some preparations.  Finally she called me over.  She told me to strip down to my Access Denied Chastity belt.  Then she had me sit down while she attached ankle cuffs to each ankle.  She had me stand and place my arms behind my back. Then she drew my leather armbinder up my arms until the hands were snug in the pocket.  She quickly strapped them in as she worked to lace-up the armbinder.  Then straps were drawn over my shoulders and chest to hold it firm so it wouldn't slide. 

Next she had me move my legs apart so that she could install and lock a spreader bar between my ankles.  Despite the stress already, Mistress Cindy was not done.  To the D-ring at the end of the armbinder she attached and secured the end of a clothesline.  Now we had selected this location because there was a cross beam in the house.  This allowed her to toss the rope over the cross beam, back through the D-Ring and place me in as strict a strappado as she desired.  Eventually she tied it off, grabbed her glass of wine and sat down to relax and watch some television. 

Finally, when she thought I had suffered enough, she released the strappado, the armbinder and spreader bar.  By now it was time for bed.  We went upstairs and she secured a leather, lockable hood that had only two small nose holes onto my head.  Then she began wrapping me in plastic wrap to mummify me.  Once that was done she placed some towels between my knees and ankles to prevent bones rubbing together.  Then she slipped under the warm covers and left me in sensory deprivation getting my warmth from the plastic wrap. 

This is how I came to be owned by Mistress Cindy. 

As I mentioned, expect a lot more content in the coming days and weeks so check back frequently.  

My Fetlife handle is https://fetlife.com/users/7429

June 13, 2014

Next Meeting – The Contract – Part 2

I will stop apologizing for the long delay – life just happens.  And believe me a lot has happened.

Anyway, I was in my full body latex catsuit.  She placed some thigh cuffs on me and some wrist cuffs and locked my wrists to my thighs.  She enjoyed seeing me in such a restrictive position.  She told me with the contract signed I could expect my limits to be pushed and expanded and I should not expect any kindness or mercy except at her discretion.  I should only think of ways to please her and make her happy.  I could expect to always be in chastity in her presence, I will not be permitted to orgasm without permission, and I can expect that she will not grant such permission.  However, I will provide her with many orgasms.  She also said she would also increase the amount of feminine attire I would be wearing under my clothing during the day, as well as at night. 

While lying on my back she inserted a locking penis / phallus gag in my mouth, secured the strap and locked it on.  The gag has a penis like object that is inserted into the mouth, and a long dildo / phallus that extends many inches out from the gag.  Mistress removed her clothes, then slowly squatted over my face and slid the phallus along her clit and slit.  As her juices started to flow she began slide the phallus inside her. 

 She started to move up and down the length of the phallus and would purposely stop on the down stroke to make sure she covered my face.  She would stay there while I enjoyed the smell of her amazing juices as she covered my nose while my mouth was filled with a ‘penis.’  Indeed it would force the penis in deeper.  She would take her time, but as her excitement started to build she was more focused on riding the phallus than cutting off my air.  It did not take long before she was riding me hard.  It was heavenly!  I could feel her orgasm start to build, and it made her really start to pound my face riding the phallus.  She was past the point of no return and now just needed to bring herself to completion.  She was peaking, causing her to grind her honey pot into my face as hard as she could without regard to my comfort.  She was now experiencing a mind numbing orgasm.  Wave after wave of pleasure for her. 

I fought for breath as she started to come down from her pleasure.  She finally recovered enough to rise off my face and let me gulp some air.  Pussy juices were all over my face and the phallus and I was deliriously inhaling them.  She reached over and unlocked the gag and removed it from my mouth. She turned it around and began to use the phallus end on my mouth so that I could clean her juices off the dildo thoroughly.  I was very appreciative.  It was delicious. 

I continued to lie there, nice and warm in my heavy rubber catsuit, enjoying the pleasure I had given Mistress and savoring all the smells and taste of her juices. Mistress kept the room warm as she loves for me to be superheated in the catsuit.  I know she wants to put me out in the hot sun someday to fully bake.  She walked over to her bag and returned with something in her hand.  She ordered me to open my mouth.  As I did she inserted a funnel into my mouth and proceeded to use duct tape to secure the funnel into position.  I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen next.

She kneeled down and straddled my head.  She warned me that I better keep up with her, and better not spill any of her precious nectar.  She relaxed her body and made sure that she positioned herself such to fully cover the funnel to assure that all her fluids would flow into it and directly into me.  It took her a minute, but finally I could hear the sound of her golden nectar hitting the funnel and knew I better prepare to consume it as fast as possible.   It was a trickle at first.  I had never experienced this before, but I knew it was an honor to be permitted to provide this service.  It certainly was a unique taste.  She started to let the flow go harder.  I had to start drinking quickly to keep up.  She must have been holding it for a long time.  I took in at least a liter of her golden fluid.  Once all the nectar had drained into me she removed the duct tape and funnel.  Then she lowered herself to my mouth and I began to lick her clean.  I was her toilet paper.   

Once I had her clean I could sense she was interested in more.  So I was now working toward providing her more pleasure.  I began to lick, nibble and suck her lips and nubbin.  As she became more excited she responded by rubbing herself up the full length of my nose and face.  She would lift herself as if F’in my face.  Then she would grind into me.  Without the use of my hands I could only use my mouth and tongue to frantically get her juices flowing.  Her grinding started to pay off and I could feel her thighs start to quiver.  I knew it was now only a matter of time.   I kept fighting for breath and licking and sucking.  Juices were really starting to flow and she rubbed them all over my face as if marking her territory.  Finally, she squeezed my head in her knees tightly as I heard a guttural moan of pleasure wash over her.  My nose and mouth were plastered deep inside her and it seemed like several minutes before she released me.  

I was so filled with pride for the way I serviced my Mistress.  She stood up and walked out of the room, leaving me there to stew in my catsuit in the warm room with her juices all over my face and her nectar inside me.  Still secured in my bondage.  I was in heaven.

I can see that there will be more Parts needed to fully describe this meeting.  I will do so before the end of the month.

As always comments appreciated.

July 6, 2013

Next Meeting - The Contract - Part 1

Again.  Sorry for the very long delay.

Our next meeting had so much going on, that i have decided to break it into two parts.

It was quite awhile before we got together again.  By this time we had conversed so much that we knew each other quite well.  We knew just about everything about each other.  We knew each other so well, that Mistress Cindy decided that the only way she would continue our conversations and meetings was to have a contract between us.  She said she would create a contract and bring it to our next meeting.  Immediately upon her arrival i would be handed the contract.  i would have a chance to review the contract, and i could ask questions about the contract.  However, if i did not sign the contract, the rendezvous would be over and i would never be able to contact Mistress Cindy again.

This was obviously a big step.  I had no idea what the contract would outline, but regardless of what it said, i did not want to lose such an understanding and caring Mistress.

i nervously answered the door and welcomed Mistress Cindy in.  She told me to be seated. She asked me if i was ready to review her contract.  i said that i was.  She pulled it from her portfolio and handed it to me.  One page, a preamble, eleven points, two signature lines and the date and location

i began to read it carefully.  Generally, these were the provisions:

  • i will devote my mind and body to Mistress Cindy and obey Her without question,
  • i must always answer Her questions clearly and honestly,
  • my body is always available for Mistress Cindy to use, wherever, whenever and however,
  • i must undertake any training that Mistress Cindy directs without question,
  • should i displease Mistress Cindy in any way, i must submit to any punishment She deems necessary without question,
  • i must perform any task given me by Mistress Cindy to the best of my ability, and
  • i agree that by signing i am collared and owned by Mistress Cindy.  Further, that she has the right to loan me out to any Mistress or Master of Her choosing and that i must obey them as i would Mistress Cindy.
i read it several times. After i looked up, Mistress Cindy asked if i had any questions.  The contract seemed quite clear and concise.  By signing the contract i would be agreeing to be Mistress Cindy's slave with no real rights, and many obligations. i told her that i had no questions.

She handed me a pen to sign, and i did right there on the spot.  She then added Her signature.  She took the signed contract and told me to head upstairs while she put the contract in a safe place.  She now had my signature on a document that basically has me giving up all rights to Her.

We were staying in a lovely mountain home.  It had two stories and was well appointed.  There were neighbors but not too close by.  In addition to several bedrooms it had some nice wooden beams downstairs that could be useful.

I headed upstairs and placed myself in a pillory that i had created.  It was a bit crude, but effective. Mistress Cindy came upstairs and secured the padlock on the pillory trapping me.  Then She went about organizing Her belongings in the house.  She also surveyed the list of toys and clothing that She directed me to bring.

Finally she returned to the room.  Upon releasing me, she ordered me into my custom made, full body, heavy guage latex catsuit.  She wanted to have a little fun.  We will explore that in part 2.

As always comments are appreciated.

March 3, 2013

First Update in a Long Time

i apologize for the long delay between posts.  Like so many other bloggers, real life just gets in the way.  This post will be a short update about a new bet and results..

i hope to continue with my history update soon as so many other interesting things have happened to add to the blog, but i can't get there until i finish the background.  However, those interested in a glimpse to recent events can check out my Fetlife account, where some links have been posted to my profile.

OK. As to the bet in 2011.  By winning, i not only avoided some very humiliating tasks, i was permitted a short period of time to place Mistress Cindy in bondage.  The end result was tremendous pleasures for Her and frustration for me in chastity.  Just as it should be.

Fast forward to 2012.  It was time to propose a new bet and i was quite confident from my previous success.  What is it they say?  Pride comes before a downfall?  Well it was looking good, but in the end my team lost.  How bad could it be you ask?  Well it all depends upon your point of view.  The stakes were much higher this time.  Much higher.  No temporary embarrassment.  Something a little more substantial and permanent.  As my side of the bet, Mistress Cindy required that i take hormones to grow some sissy breasts.  Yes, you heard me right.  i agreed to take hormones to grow my breasts if i lost.

While we are very, very early in the process, there does appear to be something happening.  i do not know how big and sensitive they will get before Mistress will be satisfied, but She keeps telling me She is hoping for a C-cup.  i keep telling Her that is too big.  She remains non-committal, but is absolutely giddy over the turn of events.  She will NOT be satisfied with slight puffiness.  She wants definitive results.

Hopefully i will be more regular with the updates and as always Mistress Cindy loves reader comments.

September 26, 2011

The Bet & Results

My Mistress thanks you all for comments posted to the blog or sent directly to Her regarding the bet.
She incorporated many of them into Her side of the bet.  The bet included but not limited to me having to attend proper classes in makeup application, getting together with another sissy She would seek from this blog or fetlife, serving a group of dominant women completely, and if the score was a blowout – several other even scarier scenarios.  I did accept the terms of the bet as She proposed it.  The stakes were high, but I really had no choice.

In the end, not only did Her team not secure a blowout, they lost.  She was Very disappointed as you might imagine.  She was so looking forward to my satisfying the bet terms.  She has told me, however, that I should not feel comfortable and secure in my victory.  She intends to compile perceived "infractions" of me displeasing Her over time and my punishment could be portions of the terms of the bet.  So I am not out of the woods yet.  As you can see She is very disappointed.

September 19, 2011

Time Sensitive Bet - Need Your Input

Mistress Cindy and i follow certain sports teams.  Our teams play each other this weekend and we have agreed to bet on the outcome.  We like to bet 'high stakes' so the loser experiences the lost bet.

Now i know i have not gotten very far in the story for you the readers to understand all that Mistress Cindy has been able to accomplish in Her feminization and training of me, but suffice it to say that the story will show that the pictures you have seen of me, have not been taken in the back yard, and She is not the most merciful person when it comes to correction or when She feels it is time to push my limits.

So here is where You come in dear readers.  Mistress Cindy is so confident of Her team's abilities, that should my team win, i will be permitted a brief, opportunity to have my way with Her.  Hopefully, the thought of that does not cloud my judgement in accepting the bet.  i, of course, have confidence in my team.  The question posed to you, is what should Mistress Cindy propose be my side of the bet?  What should i have to do if i lose?

Please post suggestions in the comments section by Friday of this week, and see if any tickle Mistress Cindy's fancy to require me to use your suggestion.

August 23, 2011

First Meeting

After a long delay on my part – sorry - we continue the adventures, which in current times are taking more and more interesting turns.  But we will get to those all in due course.

Following our first email exchange, I was pleased to find that Mistress Cindy was interested in continuing our IM conversations.  We conversed on many levels and soon found that we both were very interested in strict, unyielding bondage.  Mummification was a particular favorite.  Mistress Cindy even told me that she had used a hoist for suspension combined with strict bondage.  I also learned that she was a fan of breathplay.

As I mentioned before, I consider myself a good read of people.  Mistress Cindy was very open and honest, and I think she sensed the same in me.  At some point, we communicated by voice through IM.  That worked fine for a bit, so we exchanged phone numbers.  There was no mistake.  Mistress Cindy was a straight shooter who said what she meant and meant what she said.  Our primary communication however, was still IM.  It gave us a chance to send over images to each other that we both found exciting.  This gave us both good insights into each other’s psyche.  We would look closely at the entire image to pick up other interests perhaps we had not told each other.  One would not send an image if they did not like the whole cloth of the picture.  There were so many other images one could send. 

At some point Mistress Cindy noticed that some of my images had a cross-dressing or forced feminization theme.  They also had some nice latex outfits.  Mistress Cindy asked me about the CD / FF themes as to whether it was something that interested me.  I, of course, said yes.  She said she did not quite understand it, but had no problem with it.  Latex she was very intrigued by. 

Following that conversation, I would sprinkle a bit more of the CD / FF theme into our conversations, and she would ask a few questions about it.  Shortly thereafter, she mentioned that she had some other friends that she IM’d with and offered that they too had similar interests as me.  She found it interesting that there were a lot of men having this interest.  I suggested we both do a checklist and see what other interests we might have in common.  We did and we had quite a compatible list. 

While we enjoyed our conversation on IM and phone, we knew it was just a matter of time before we had to meet in person.  So we set a date to meet at a hotel.  Neither of us knew how this meeting would go, but we were not especially worried that one or the other was unstable.  The meeting would take place during the day and Mistress Cindy was not staying over.  I said I would bring my collection of clothing, toys and reading material.  I would agree to lock myself into the stainless steel Access Denied chastity belt and turn over the keys to Mistress Cindy for safe keeping as soon as we met in the parking lot. 

The planning for the meeting was quite exciting.  Neither of us knew what to expect, but we were both palpably counting the minutes to see what might develop from this.  When the day arrived, I got to the hotel early enough to get the room and check out the surroundings.  There were two bedrooms so I decided to lay out my latex outfits, leather goods and toys in one bedroom, and my collection of reading materials in the main part of the room.  I then showered, placed my member in the steel chastity tube, pulled up the front plate of the belt forcing the tube into a downward position between my legs, secured the front plate to the belt with two hasp-inaccessible locks, dressed and sat down to wait for Mistress Cindy to arrive. 

When she called, I went out into the parking lot to meet her.  It was a safe first moment to meet.  There she was.  We asked each other’s names then leaned forward and kissed.  It was an awkward first meeting as you might expect.  I handed her the keys to my chastity belt and she smiled a wicked smile.  I invited her into the room, and she walked in ahead of me.   A couple small pleasantries were exchanged and I showed her what was in the bedroom.  She was quite surprised at all the items I had accumulated.  She began to pick through a couple things and where necessary I explained what they were.  I then led her back out into the main room and showed her all the magazines (Bondage Life, Centurians Catalogues, Slave Piercing, and Forced Womanhood, as well as some books like The Story of Gerda).  She raised an eyebrow and said she was going to enjoy looking at these while I was safely put away.

So I asked her what she would like to do.  She asked me to sit there while she looked at what was available.  While I waited excitedly, she went back to the bedroom.  She rummaged around for a short while before coming out and telling me to go in a get into my heavy latex catsuit.  I obeyed immediately. 

This is not me, but same Armbinder except with laces.
I went in and wrapped several layers of plastic wrap around the chastity belt so as to not have anything sharp damage the catsuit.  With that done I talced up and slid on the suit.  The suit was neck high with wrist length sleeves and full feet.  I enjoy total enclosure and heat. 

I came out of the room to stand before my Mistress.  She liked what she saw.  She ran her hands over my latex covered body.  She told me to go into the other bedroom and lie on the bed.  Once there I waited for her to come in.  She finally came in and asked me to turn my back to her.  She ordered me to place my arms behind me.  Then she pulled the leather armbinder up my arms.  Once on, she began to tighten the laces and secure the straps.  She told me to enjoy myself while she looked through my reading material.  I was there for awhile.

When she returned she said she was quite intrigued by my collection – especially the forced feminization magazines.  Then after making sure I was fine – I was – she said it was time to make things more interesting.  She went back to the other bedroom and selected some other items. 

After releasing my arms from the armbinder, she had me help her with an inflatable hood.  The hood has two layers of latex and requires a breathing tube for the mouth.  I helped pull it on so that I was now completely covered in latex with the only opening being at the end of a foot long tube.  She began to pump up the hood.  She wanted me to feel significant pressure on my head.  Unfortunately, most of the inflation resulted in the outer layer expanding.  I suggested that she could use plastic wrap over the hood while it was deflated, then pump up the hood.  She did this and it did increase the pressure. 

Next, she placed leather wrist cuffs around my wrists.  A strap was secured at my elbows and pulled tight.  Another strap was fed through the wrist cuffs and wrapped around my ankles.  Mistress Cindy then pulled the strap through to pull my legs toward my hands.  I was now in a nice hogtie, covered completely in latex, held tightly by straps, and breathing through a ¼” hole in my pressurized hood.  I was in heaven. 
“Enjoy yourself.  I have some research to do in the other room.” 

Mistress Cindy took some more pictures to chronicle my predicament, and left the room to read.  She would check in on me from time to time to make sure I was ok, but otherwise was enjoying herself in the other room.  I was indeed enjoying myself.  I love the heat and sweat buildup in total latex.  It adds to the experience.  I was not secured to the bed in anyway so I had some range of motion.  My legs were not secured to each other either except at the ankles, but I was loving every minute of it. 

Finally after some period of time, Mistress Cindy came over to release me.  With the bondage off, I was ordered to the bathroom to strip and clean up.  I did so and reported back to her.  She tested the security of the chastity belt and smiled.  She had me redress and said I could remove the chastity belt after I returned home.  We talked for awhile and she said she had a wonderful time.  She also added that she needed to further investigate these other dimensions she had found about me through her reading.  I gave her a very nice kiss in the parking lot as she returned home while I went back to the room to clean up and pack.  I was very satisfied.  Frustrated, but satisfied.  It was a wonderful meeting.

I would love any feedback or comments.  Here or in Fetlife.