March 17, 2015

The Next Meeting – Impaled, Maid, Vet Wrap & Leather – Part II

Mistress Cindy led me into the room.  I was already naked but I had to remove my ballet boots.  She had me get out all the items I had brought.  One of my first purchases many years ago was a satin maid outfit with a petticoat.  It was a black satin outfit with white sleeves.  
Mistress had me pull on the pantyhose.  After that I added a corset.  Mistress Cindy laced and pulled it as tight as possible.  Next I slipped on a petticoat.  The petticoat was white and very frilly and flouncy.  Next she added the maid outfit.  It was made with the petticoat in mind and fit perfectly.  Now I was encased in pantyhose, a corset, a petticoat and a satin maid outfit.  Mistress Cindy ordered me to sit in a wooden chair.  She pulled the ballet boots back onto my feet and legs.  Carefully she made sure that my feet were once again en pointe and tightly laced up in the over the knee boots.
Now she proceeded to use rope to secure me tightly to the chair.  My chest was first secured.  Followed by my arms and hands.  My wrists had rope around them then my arms and wrists were secured to various points on the chair.  My ankles were tied tightly to the legs of the chair.  Finally my waist was cemented to it as well.

Mistress Cindy stood back and looked at her handy work.  Next she took a latex hood and placed it over my head.  This was to assure that I would not be able to see whatever she planned on doing.  She left me there to think for a little bit.  She probably went to freshen up and relax after her trip.  All I could do was wait.  Finally, I felt her presence.  She was running her hands up my pantyhose encased thighs.  While I am not ticklish, I find the action of a hand or legs or anything sliding across my legs or thighs that are encased in nylon to be highly erotic.  It is a very big erogenous turn on for me.  I was bucking and lurching as much as I could in my bonds.  Partly to avoid it, but mostly to feel it more.

She did this to me for more than an hour.  She was taking such pleasure out of the teasing and torment she was giving me.  She finally released me and had me wait on her as her maid.  I prepared her bath for her and carefully helped to wash and bathe her in the huge tub in the room.  I provided her other services as well. 

One item that I had wanted to try was a pair of Mistress pants.  For those that may not know, they are latex pants that fit on a woman with a hood attachment that fit on the slave’s head.  The slave’s head is then tightly sealed to the Mistress’s honey pot.  There would not be a lot of air in such an arrangement, but that is not the Mistress’s problem – is it?  Try as we might, however, the arrangement was just too small for us.  Latex can be like that.  Some day I really really want to experience this.   

Nevertheless, we were able to achieve other things since Mistress Cindy was needy.  When she was properly sated, she said we had some other fun stuff that she wanted to do.  She asked me if I had all the materials ready for the toughest situation we had ever done.  I said that I had everything she requested. 

Part III soon.

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