May 31, 2011

The Era of Mistress Cindy Begins

Following the aborted party, the health issues of her master and some of her own, put a strain on their relationship.  I continued to be a sounding board as a friend, but she needed to spend more time working on her own relationship.   We conversed less as time went on.

So I needed to find a new mistress.  Searching through some Yahoo groups, I found someone who sounded interesting.  I was in a mummification group and saw her as a member.  I sent her a short IM.  I do not believe she was on at the time.  The next time I was on, I saw that she had responded.  Then she appeared and I asked her if she cared to chat.  She did – but made an excuse that she had a cold, was on meds and could not be on for long. 

Well we hit it off pretty well.  By the end of the conversation we had discussed where we were from, our jobs, families and all kinds of fun interests.  I know all this because I saved the conversation.  We talked about mummification and bondage.  We named what kind of wrappings we preferred way back when and our favorite story and movie sites.  We hit is off quite well.

The conversation was solely about bondage and submission – nothing about CD or feminization.  I did not see any interest in that in her profile or her groups.  The closest we got to discussing that was when she asked what clothing or equipment I owned.  I mentioned I had a hobble skirt in this part of the conversation…

Mistress Cindy: So, what articles (of clothing) do you have?
Sissy Amy: Catsuit, gloves, hood, inflatable gag, hobble skirt
Mistress Cindy: cool...just one question...
Sissy Amy: sure
Mistress Cindy: Is the skirt for you?
Sissy Amy: The latex skirt keeps legs together - can be for either sex.  it's confining on the wearer.  Great to wrap one wearing it underneath
Sissy Amy: it is a hobble
Mistress Cindy: Cool, learn something new everyday...

I replaced the yahoo names we had at the time for clarification, but that would not have been a clue when this conversation was originally held.  You can see she focused right in on the skirt.  I did not read her as hoping it was a skirt for me.  She somewhat seemed relieved I might say.  Of course, look at her postings today.  She ended up chatting with me for quite an extended period of time.  So much for her cold.

The next installment will show how the relationship evolved.