September 26, 2011

The Bet & Results

My Mistress thanks you all for comments posted to the blog or sent directly to Her regarding the bet.
She incorporated many of them into Her side of the bet.  The bet included but not limited to me having to attend proper classes in makeup application, getting together with another sissy She would seek from this blog or fetlife, serving a group of dominant women completely, and if the score was a blowout – several other even scarier scenarios.  I did accept the terms of the bet as She proposed it.  The stakes were high, but I really had no choice.

In the end, not only did Her team not secure a blowout, they lost.  She was Very disappointed as you might imagine.  She was so looking forward to my satisfying the bet terms.  She has told me, however, that I should not feel comfortable and secure in my victory.  She intends to compile perceived "infractions" of me displeasing Her over time and my punishment could be portions of the terms of the bet.  So I am not out of the woods yet.  As you can see She is very disappointed.

September 19, 2011

Time Sensitive Bet - Need Your Input

Mistress Cindy and i follow certain sports teams.  Our teams play each other this weekend and we have agreed to bet on the outcome.  We like to bet 'high stakes' so the loser experiences the lost bet.

Now i know i have not gotten very far in the story for you the readers to understand all that Mistress Cindy has been able to accomplish in Her feminization and training of me, but suffice it to say that the story will show that the pictures you have seen of me, have not been taken in the back yard, and She is not the most merciful person when it comes to correction or when She feels it is time to push my limits.

So here is where You come in dear readers.  Mistress Cindy is so confident of Her team's abilities, that should my team win, i will be permitted a brief, opportunity to have my way with Her.  Hopefully, the thought of that does not cloud my judgement in accepting the bet.  i, of course, have confidence in my team.  The question posed to you, is what should Mistress Cindy propose be my side of the bet?  What should i have to do if i lose?

Please post suggestions in the comments section by Friday of this week, and see if any tickle Mistress Cindy's fancy to require me to use your suggestion.