April 29, 2011

A Note from Sissy Amy

I hope you all are enjoying the blog.  A few of you have commented directly to the blog or to Mistress Cindy or me on Fetlife.  We quite enjoy the comments and suggestions.  Please continue to offer them, and where appropriate we will respond.

I also wanted to make sure that you are aware that I continue to update the entry "A Goal of Mistress Cindy" in the March 2011 folder.  If you enjoy those videos be sure to check back for updates from time to time.

Hopefully, I will have a new blog entry very shortly.  This next one begins my time with Mistress Cindy.

April 22, 2011

A Little History – V

First I have to apologize to Mistress Cindy and you my readers and followers.  I should have posted my next installment much sooner.  My delay even caused Mistress Cindy to post her last comment.  Thank you all for your restraint in responding to Her appeal.  Hopefully she will simply forgive me.
As I mentioned in the last posting, B was my Mistress, and we conversed on the phone and by IM quite frequently and for a long period of time.  However, since she was a submissive herself, we had never met in person despite not living very far from each other.  She had recently moved to a new home and she and her master were planning on having a play party and house warming.  She asked me whether I would like to serve at the party.
This was an amazing development.  It was a dream come true. 

B explained to me the terms of my service.  I would be plugged and secured in my steel chastity belt. I would be fully decked out in my satin French maid outfit, complete with petticoat.  I would be tightly corseted, in silk stockings and with a locking collar.  Black patent 6” heel shoes with pointy toes would be locked onto my feet.  I may have hobbles and / or chains on my ankles, wrists or elsewhere and I would be completely made up quite pretty.  I would be available to be used by the guests, but I would be able to establish what my limits were.  Following the end of my maid service at the end of the evening, I would be secured wth heavy locks inside a steel cage that B and her master owned until they decided to release me. 

I accepted her terms and began to plan and prepare for the evening which was about a month away.  As the time grew closer I became even more excited.  Finally my service was to begin the next evening. 

I received an emergency call from B.  Her master had a very serious incident that required hospitalization.  She was an absolute wreck and would remain like that for weeks.  The party was obviously cancelled.  For more than a month afterward the doctors tried to evaluate his condition.  He was later to recover, but the party was not rescheduled.  I was very disappointed, but glad that his health issue was eventually resolved.

Again I apologized for the delay in posting. 

April 14, 2011

A thought from Mistress Cindy

Thank you all for checking out Amy's little blog here. We are now over 6000 views which is way beyond anything either of expected! Amy is very excited about it though she does pretend to be shy. That being said, I'm a little upset with Amy. She hasn't posted in a while (against my direct orders!). I realize that she is dealing with some personal issues and while I respect that, she DID say she was going to post. So my dear friends, I am looking for ideas of how I should punish Amy. You all will decide her fate. I am looking forward to reading what you offer up as suggestions! Regards, Mistress Cindy