July 6, 2013

Next Meeting - The Contract - Part 1

Again.  Sorry for the very long delay.

Our next meeting had so much going on, that i have decided to break it into two parts.

It was quite awhile before we got together again.  By this time we had conversed so much that we knew each other quite well.  We knew just about everything about each other.  We knew each other so well, that Mistress Cindy decided that the only way she would continue our conversations and meetings was to have a contract between us.  She said she would create a contract and bring it to our next meeting.  Immediately upon her arrival i would be handed the contract.  i would have a chance to review the contract, and i could ask questions about the contract.  However, if i did not sign the contract, the rendezvous would be over and i would never be able to contact Mistress Cindy again.

This was obviously a big step.  I had no idea what the contract would outline, but regardless of what it said, i did not want to lose such an understanding and caring Mistress.

i nervously answered the door and welcomed Mistress Cindy in.  She told me to be seated. She asked me if i was ready to review her contract.  i said that i was.  She pulled it from her portfolio and handed it to me.  One page, a preamble, eleven points, two signature lines and the date and location

i began to read it carefully.  Generally, these were the provisions:

  • i will devote my mind and body to Mistress Cindy and obey Her without question,
  • i must always answer Her questions clearly and honestly,
  • my body is always available for Mistress Cindy to use, wherever, whenever and however,
  • i must undertake any training that Mistress Cindy directs without question,
  • should i displease Mistress Cindy in any way, i must submit to any punishment She deems necessary without question,
  • i must perform any task given me by Mistress Cindy to the best of my ability, and
  • i agree that by signing i am collared and owned by Mistress Cindy.  Further, that she has the right to loan me out to any Mistress or Master of Her choosing and that i must obey them as i would Mistress Cindy.
i read it several times. After i looked up, Mistress Cindy asked if i had any questions.  The contract seemed quite clear and concise.  By signing the contract i would be agreeing to be Mistress Cindy's slave with no real rights, and many obligations. i told her that i had no questions.

She handed me a pen to sign, and i did right there on the spot.  She then added Her signature.  She took the signed contract and told me to head upstairs while she put the contract in a safe place.  She now had my signature on a document that basically has me giving up all rights to Her.

We were staying in a lovely mountain home.  It had two stories and was well appointed.  There were neighbors but not too close by.  In addition to several bedrooms it had some nice wooden beams downstairs that could be useful.

I headed upstairs and placed myself in a pillory that i had created.  It was a bit crude, but effective. Mistress Cindy came upstairs and secured the padlock on the pillory trapping me.  Then She went about organizing Her belongings in the house.  She also surveyed the list of toys and clothing that She directed me to bring.

Finally she returned to the room.  Upon releasing me, she ordered me into my custom made, full body, heavy guage latex catsuit.  She wanted to have a little fun.  We will explore that in part 2.

As always comments are appreciated.

March 3, 2013

First Update in a Long Time

i apologize for the long delay between posts.  Like so many other bloggers, real life just gets in the way.  This post will be a short update about a new bet and results..

i hope to continue with my history update soon as so many other interesting things have happened to add to the blog, but i can't get there until i finish the background.  However, those interested in a glimpse to recent events can check out my Fetlife account, where some links have been posted to my profile.

OK. As to the bet in 2011.  By winning, i not only avoided some very humiliating tasks, i was permitted a short period of time to place Mistress Cindy in bondage.  The end result was tremendous pleasures for Her and frustration for me in chastity.  Just as it should be.

Fast forward to 2012.  It was time to propose a new bet and i was quite confident from my previous success.  What is it they say?  Pride comes before a downfall?  Well it was looking good, but in the end my team lost.  How bad could it be you ask?  Well it all depends upon your point of view.  The stakes were much higher this time.  Much higher.  No temporary embarrassment.  Something a little more substantial and permanent.  As my side of the bet, Mistress Cindy required that i take hormones to grow some sissy breasts.  Yes, you heard me right.  i agreed to take hormones to grow my breasts if i lost.

While we are very, very early in the process, there does appear to be something happening.  i do not know how big and sensitive they will get before Mistress will be satisfied, but She keeps telling me She is hoping for a C-cup.  i keep telling Her that is too big.  She remains non-committal, but is absolutely giddy over the turn of events.  She will NOT be satisfied with slight puffiness.  She wants definitive results.

Hopefully i will be more regular with the updates and as always Mistress Cindy loves reader comments.