September 26, 2011

The Bet & Results

My Mistress thanks you all for comments posted to the blog or sent directly to Her regarding the bet.
She incorporated many of them into Her side of the bet.  The bet included but not limited to me having to attend proper classes in makeup application, getting together with another sissy She would seek from this blog or fetlife, serving a group of dominant women completely, and if the score was a blowout – several other even scarier scenarios.  I did accept the terms of the bet as She proposed it.  The stakes were high, but I really had no choice.

In the end, not only did Her team not secure a blowout, they lost.  She was Very disappointed as you might imagine.  She was so looking forward to my satisfying the bet terms.  She has told me, however, that I should not feel comfortable and secure in my victory.  She intends to compile perceived "infractions" of me displeasing Her over time and my punishment could be portions of the terms of the bet.  So I am not out of the woods yet.  As you can see She is very disappointed.

September 19, 2011

Time Sensitive Bet - Need Your Input

Mistress Cindy and i follow certain sports teams.  Our teams play each other this weekend and we have agreed to bet on the outcome.  We like to bet 'high stakes' so the loser experiences the lost bet.

Now i know i have not gotten very far in the story for you the readers to understand all that Mistress Cindy has been able to accomplish in Her feminization and training of me, but suffice it to say that the story will show that the pictures you have seen of me, have not been taken in the back yard, and She is not the most merciful person when it comes to correction or when She feels it is time to push my limits.

So here is where You come in dear readers.  Mistress Cindy is so confident of Her team's abilities, that should my team win, i will be permitted a brief, opportunity to have my way with Her.  Hopefully, the thought of that does not cloud my judgement in accepting the bet.  i, of course, have confidence in my team.  The question posed to you, is what should Mistress Cindy propose be my side of the bet?  What should i have to do if i lose?

Please post suggestions in the comments section by Friday of this week, and see if any tickle Mistress Cindy's fancy to require me to use your suggestion.

August 23, 2011

First Meeting

After a long delay on my part – sorry - we continue the adventures, which in current times are taking more and more interesting turns.  But we will get to those all in due course.

Following our first email exchange, I was pleased to find that Mistress Cindy was interested in continuing our IM conversations.  We conversed on many levels and soon found that we both were very interested in strict, unyielding bondage.  Mummification was a particular favorite.  Mistress Cindy even told me that she had used a hoist for suspension combined with strict bondage.  I also learned that she was a fan of breathplay.

As I mentioned before, I consider myself a good read of people.  Mistress Cindy was very open and honest, and I think she sensed the same in me.  At some point, we communicated by voice through IM.  That worked fine for a bit, so we exchanged phone numbers.  There was no mistake.  Mistress Cindy was a straight shooter who said what she meant and meant what she said.  Our primary communication however, was still IM.  It gave us a chance to send over images to each other that we both found exciting.  This gave us both good insights into each other’s psyche.  We would look closely at the entire image to pick up other interests perhaps we had not told each other.  One would not send an image if they did not like the whole cloth of the picture.  There were so many other images one could send. 

At some point Mistress Cindy noticed that some of my images had a cross-dressing or forced feminization theme.  They also had some nice latex outfits.  Mistress Cindy asked me about the CD / FF themes as to whether it was something that interested me.  I, of course, said yes.  She said she did not quite understand it, but had no problem with it.  Latex she was very intrigued by. 

Following that conversation, I would sprinkle a bit more of the CD / FF theme into our conversations, and she would ask a few questions about it.  Shortly thereafter, she mentioned that she had some other friends that she IM’d with and offered that they too had similar interests as me.  She found it interesting that there were a lot of men having this interest.  I suggested we both do a checklist and see what other interests we might have in common.  We did and we had quite a compatible list. 

While we enjoyed our conversation on IM and phone, we knew it was just a matter of time before we had to meet in person.  So we set a date to meet at a hotel.  Neither of us knew how this meeting would go, but we were not especially worried that one or the other was unstable.  The meeting would take place during the day and Mistress Cindy was not staying over.  I said I would bring my collection of clothing, toys and reading material.  I would agree to lock myself into the stainless steel Access Denied chastity belt and turn over the keys to Mistress Cindy for safe keeping as soon as we met in the parking lot. 

The planning for the meeting was quite exciting.  Neither of us knew what to expect, but we were both palpably counting the minutes to see what might develop from this.  When the day arrived, I got to the hotel early enough to get the room and check out the surroundings.  There were two bedrooms so I decided to lay out my latex outfits, leather goods and toys in one bedroom, and my collection of reading materials in the main part of the room.  I then showered, placed my member in the steel chastity tube, pulled up the front plate of the belt forcing the tube into a downward position between my legs, secured the front plate to the belt with two hasp-inaccessible locks, dressed and sat down to wait for Mistress Cindy to arrive. 

When she called, I went out into the parking lot to meet her.  It was a safe first moment to meet.  There she was.  We asked each other’s names then leaned forward and kissed.  It was an awkward first meeting as you might expect.  I handed her the keys to my chastity belt and she smiled a wicked smile.  I invited her into the room, and she walked in ahead of me.   A couple small pleasantries were exchanged and I showed her what was in the bedroom.  She was quite surprised at all the items I had accumulated.  She began to pick through a couple things and where necessary I explained what they were.  I then led her back out into the main room and showed her all the magazines (Bondage Life, Centurians Catalogues, Slave Piercing, and Forced Womanhood, as well as some books like The Story of Gerda).  She raised an eyebrow and said she was going to enjoy looking at these while I was safely put away.

So I asked her what she would like to do.  She asked me to sit there while she looked at what was available.  While I waited excitedly, she went back to the bedroom.  She rummaged around for a short while before coming out and telling me to go in a get into my heavy latex catsuit.  I obeyed immediately. 

This is not me, but same Armbinder except with laces.
I went in and wrapped several layers of plastic wrap around the chastity belt so as to not have anything sharp damage the catsuit.  With that done I talced up and slid on the suit.  The suit was neck high with wrist length sleeves and full feet.  I enjoy total enclosure and heat. 

I came out of the room to stand before my Mistress.  She liked what she saw.  She ran her hands over my latex covered body.  She told me to go into the other bedroom and lie on the bed.  Once there I waited for her to come in.  She finally came in and asked me to turn my back to her.  She ordered me to place my arms behind me.  Then she pulled the leather armbinder up my arms.  Once on, she began to tighten the laces and secure the straps.  She told me to enjoy myself while she looked through my reading material.  I was there for awhile.

When she returned she said she was quite intrigued by my collection – especially the forced feminization magazines.  Then after making sure I was fine – I was – she said it was time to make things more interesting.  She went back to the other bedroom and selected some other items. 

After releasing my arms from the armbinder, she had me help her with an inflatable hood.  The hood has two layers of latex and requires a breathing tube for the mouth.  I helped pull it on so that I was now completely covered in latex with the only opening being at the end of a foot long tube.  She began to pump up the hood.  She wanted me to feel significant pressure on my head.  Unfortunately, most of the inflation resulted in the outer layer expanding.  I suggested that she could use plastic wrap over the hood while it was deflated, then pump up the hood.  She did this and it did increase the pressure. 

Next, she placed leather wrist cuffs around my wrists.  A strap was secured at my elbows and pulled tight.  Another strap was fed through the wrist cuffs and wrapped around my ankles.  Mistress Cindy then pulled the strap through to pull my legs toward my hands.  I was now in a nice hogtie, covered completely in latex, held tightly by straps, and breathing through a ¼” hole in my pressurized hood.  I was in heaven. 
“Enjoy yourself.  I have some research to do in the other room.” 

Mistress Cindy took some more pictures to chronicle my predicament, and left the room to read.  She would check in on me from time to time to make sure I was ok, but otherwise was enjoying herself in the other room.  I was indeed enjoying myself.  I love the heat and sweat buildup in total latex.  It adds to the experience.  I was not secured to the bed in anyway so I had some range of motion.  My legs were not secured to each other either except at the ankles, but I was loving every minute of it. 

Finally after some period of time, Mistress Cindy came over to release me.  With the bondage off, I was ordered to the bathroom to strip and clean up.  I did so and reported back to her.  She tested the security of the chastity belt and smiled.  She had me redress and said I could remove the chastity belt after I returned home.  We talked for awhile and she said she had a wonderful time.  She also added that she needed to further investigate these other dimensions she had found about me through her reading.  I gave her a very nice kiss in the parking lot as she returned home while I went back to the room to clean up and pack.  I was very satisfied.  Frustrated, but satisfied.  It was a wonderful meeting.

I would love any feedback or comments.  Here or in Fetlife.

May 31, 2011

The Era of Mistress Cindy Begins

Following the aborted party, the health issues of her master and some of her own, put a strain on their relationship.  I continued to be a sounding board as a friend, but she needed to spend more time working on her own relationship.   We conversed less as time went on.

So I needed to find a new mistress.  Searching through some Yahoo groups, I found someone who sounded interesting.  I was in a mummification group and saw her as a member.  I sent her a short IM.  I do not believe she was on at the time.  The next time I was on, I saw that she had responded.  Then she appeared and I asked her if she cared to chat.  She did – but made an excuse that she had a cold, was on meds and could not be on for long. 

Well we hit it off pretty well.  By the end of the conversation we had discussed where we were from, our jobs, families and all kinds of fun interests.  I know all this because I saved the conversation.  We talked about mummification and bondage.  We named what kind of wrappings we preferred way back when and our favorite story and movie sites.  We hit is off quite well.

The conversation was solely about bondage and submission – nothing about CD or feminization.  I did not see any interest in that in her profile or her groups.  The closest we got to discussing that was when she asked what clothing or equipment I owned.  I mentioned I had a hobble skirt in this part of the conversation…

Mistress Cindy: So, what articles (of clothing) do you have?
Sissy Amy: Catsuit, gloves, hood, inflatable gag, hobble skirt
Mistress Cindy: cool...just one question...
Sissy Amy: sure
Mistress Cindy: Is the skirt for you?
Sissy Amy: The latex skirt keeps legs together - can be for either sex.  it's confining on the wearer.  Great to wrap one wearing it underneath
Sissy Amy: it is a hobble
Mistress Cindy: Cool, learn something new everyday...

I replaced the yahoo names we had at the time for clarification, but that would not have been a clue when this conversation was originally held.  You can see she focused right in on the skirt.  I did not read her as hoping it was a skirt for me.  She somewhat seemed relieved I might say.  Of course, look at her postings today.  She ended up chatting with me for quite an extended period of time.  So much for her cold.

The next installment will show how the relationship evolved.

April 29, 2011

A Note from Sissy Amy

I hope you all are enjoying the blog.  A few of you have commented directly to the blog or to Mistress Cindy or me on Fetlife.  We quite enjoy the comments and suggestions.  Please continue to offer them, and where appropriate we will respond.

I also wanted to make sure that you are aware that I continue to update the entry "A Goal of Mistress Cindy" in the March 2011 folder.  If you enjoy those videos be sure to check back for updates from time to time.

Hopefully, I will have a new blog entry very shortly.  This next one begins my time with Mistress Cindy.

April 22, 2011

A Little History – V

First I have to apologize to Mistress Cindy and you my readers and followers.  I should have posted my next installment much sooner.  My delay even caused Mistress Cindy to post her last comment.  Thank you all for your restraint in responding to Her appeal.  Hopefully she will simply forgive me.
As I mentioned in the last posting, B was my Mistress, and we conversed on the phone and by IM quite frequently and for a long period of time.  However, since she was a submissive herself, we had never met in person despite not living very far from each other.  She had recently moved to a new home and she and her master were planning on having a play party and house warming.  She asked me whether I would like to serve at the party.
This was an amazing development.  It was a dream come true. 

B explained to me the terms of my service.  I would be plugged and secured in my steel chastity belt. I would be fully decked out in my satin French maid outfit, complete with petticoat.  I would be tightly corseted, in silk stockings and with a locking collar.  Black patent 6” heel shoes with pointy toes would be locked onto my feet.  I may have hobbles and / or chains on my ankles, wrists or elsewhere and I would be completely made up quite pretty.  I would be available to be used by the guests, but I would be able to establish what my limits were.  Following the end of my maid service at the end of the evening, I would be secured wth heavy locks inside a steel cage that B and her master owned until they decided to release me. 

I accepted her terms and began to plan and prepare for the evening which was about a month away.  As the time grew closer I became even more excited.  Finally my service was to begin the next evening. 

I received an emergency call from B.  Her master had a very serious incident that required hospitalization.  She was an absolute wreck and would remain like that for weeks.  The party was obviously cancelled.  For more than a month afterward the doctors tried to evaluate his condition.  He was later to recover, but the party was not rescheduled.  I was very disappointed, but glad that his health issue was eventually resolved.

Again I apologized for the delay in posting. 

April 14, 2011

A thought from Mistress Cindy

Thank you all for checking out Amy's little blog here. We are now over 6000 views which is way beyond anything either of expected! Amy is very excited about it though she does pretend to be shy. That being said, I'm a little upset with Amy. She hasn't posted in a while (against my direct orders!). I realize that she is dealing with some personal issues and while I respect that, she DID say she was going to post. So my dear friends, I am looking for ideas of how I should punish Amy. You all will decide her fate. I am looking forward to reading what you offer up as suggestions! Regards, Mistress Cindy

March 29, 2011

A little History – IV

Another wonderful product is Instant Messaging.  When I first started exploring IM, I conversed with a number of interesting people.  I would find them in particular Yahoo interest groups – primarily bondage related.  As I mentioned before, IM oddly allows you to assess the other party much better than you think it would.  And so it was that I found a very interesting woman.  She was actually a sub to a master.  She had a great deal of real life experience in a D/s relationship.  Let’s call her “B”. 

B’s master was very skilled and they both were very involved with the D/s community.  She experienced many different types of control from what she wore under clothing to how she would be restrained at home to how and when she had permission to do everyday functions.  B knew I was a sub, and after a significant amount o chatting between us her master gave her permission to control me via IM.  B also knew I liked feminine apparel. 

By now I had accumulated a bunch more toys.  Handcuffs, fixed hinged handcuffs, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, several types of hoods, collars, nipple clamps, a crop, a leather armbinder, a spandex mummybag and much more.  I enjoyed experimenting as much as I could with these items, although in an online fashion.  While we were not in contact every day, we did converse quite frequently.  I was required to wear panties every day and occasionally to wear pantyhose to the office under my business suit.  At night I may have to place myself in some form of self-bondage, fill myself with some enema concoction or subject myself to some type of discipline (crop, nipple clamps etc.).

I do have one funny story.  One day in the office I was wearing pantyhose under my suit.  Mid-day I was waiting outside my boss’ office (offices all had glass walls).  For some reason my clothing felt a bit odd.  I reached behind me (backside facing a colleague’s office) and felt a large tear in my suit pants.  It was a large tear.  Because I was wearing the pantyhose, I had not noticed the air flow that normally would have been obvious.  The hole was so big I held the reports in my hand behind me covering the hole best I could and hurried back to my office.  Fortunately, I had a light trench coat in my office.  I put it on and quickly headed out of the office onto public transportation to get to a department store to buy some new pants.  I returned to the office to change into them.  I worried that I had been exposed for a long time and no one said anything.  I assume no one noticed.  I would have been so humiliated.

The next segment will describe a proposal to meet and serve.  Stay tuned.

March 19, 2011

A Little History – III

Living on the west coast made access easy to all things bondage and crossdress related it seemed.  I started to collect more bondage equipment.  I became aware of the wonderful characteristics of latex and would buy a few sissy items.  Panties, foundation garments, pantyhose and heels.  I still had no Mistress, but that did not stop me from accumulating items that turned me on.  From Versatile Fashions I acquired a pretty satin maid’s dress with a multilayer petticoat.  From Seattle I bought a full coverage heavy latex catsuit.  And finally, I acquired a stainless steel Access Denied chastity belt with front and back covers.  This belt requires that the penis be placed into a steel tube, bent down, attached to the front plate and locked to the waist belt.  Once the lock is set, there is no access to any of your naughty bits and you present a fairly flat profile.  There is a back plate that also accommodates a plug that can also be locked on.  I assure you that anyone locked in this belt will do whatever the keyholder demands, if it is a condition of their release.  The back plug must be released periodically – for a short time at least – to allow bowel movements.  Otherwise, the belt can be worn indefinitely.  Another feature of this belt is that the wearer has no choice but to sit when using the bathroom.
I added to my wardrobe with a sexy latex hobble skirt.  It is heavy latex and goes from waist to ankles.  When the bottom zipper is drawn closed and you are in 5” or higher heels, there is only one way to walk – mincing steps.  I have to admit I am a boot lover too.  So I had to pick up some patent leather lace-up knee high boots with pointy toes.  Pointed toe shoes are the sexiest in my estimation.  Fashion isn’t comfortable, of course, but a Mistress would always take sexy over comfort.  I also invested in a 28” corset.  I made sure it had heavy boning and garters.  I figured that this would allow me to look like a tarty maid.  I also bought a pair of sexy patent leather 6” heels with straps.  This allowed me to place a small lock through the strap hole to lock them tightly on my feet.  They too had pointed toes.
So how would all this look you might ask?  Well here are some images.  The quality of the shots is not great, but you get the idea.  

The first is me in a full body stocking – I love these – with my chastity belt and 28” corset.

The second is me in my maid uniform with petticoat, latex hobble skirt and knee high lace-up boots.

 This last one is me in my maid uniform, petticoat, stockings, and locking 6” heels.

I hope you enjoy these and would love to hear what you think.  I will be travelling to Florida for the next week visiting my father.  Hopefully I will check in to the blog and see some interesting comments – good or bad.

March 15, 2011

A Little History – II

Before I go on, it may be better to go back a few years. A prequel if you will. My first interest in bondage came from reading old issues of “Penthouse Letters.” While the other common men’s magazines were interesting, I found I was really turned on more by the written word, and especially if it had a female domination aspect to it. The bondage seemed fantastic. Soon I realized that FemDom combined will some form of force feminization or humiliation was an even better combination.

One day in an adult bookstore I saw my first Centurians magazines and Devonshire Productions videos. Centurians had so many wonderful kinky products. Leather, restraints, cuffs and collars. It all looked so delicious. So I bought something from them. Probably some cuffs. More importantly, this put me on their mailing list. At the same time I picked up a Devonshire Productions (“DP”) video. They were fantastic. The bondage was superb, the positions were very strenuous – almost always posed in the same dungeon backdrop - and the models were gorgeous. Years ago men were really not featured in many bondage videos.  I was soon on their mailing list as well.

As the magazine lists and annual sales came in from Centurians, I noticed that they had some Forced Feminization magazines. Mostly the slaves were forced to obey because their Mistress had placed them in chastity – one sold by Centurians – to make them obedient and compliant. Usually these Mistresses used some sort of forced feminization techniques to enhance their slave’s compliance. I began to wonder what it would be like if a woman pierced my nipples and penis and installed a frenum with breakoff screws or placed me on hormones in order to make me her sissified slave. At the same time all the DP vids I was watching were of women – always in very high heels and tight corsets - forced to endure strict bondage, usually secured standing in one place in what one would presumably be many hours. Many times in a strict armbinder and leather hood or tight mummification.

Here are two examples. Both just fantastic. The armbinders, the way the head is pulled back, and both are actually wearing ballet heels. I can imagine the pump gag is fully inflated against the hood, the corset is crushingly tight, and the collar is secured with a very heavy lock. Excellent use of straps for immobilization as well.

All these images started to jell and form my psyche. Bondage, femdom, femdom through forced feminization, chastity, lovely sexy models, suffering, pleasing a Mistress, humiliation, and physical changes beyond my control that would add to my submissiveness. I wanted to be one of the bondage models for DP. Subjected to chastity and feminization before being put on display in strict bondage for their videos. Or even one of the stories in the Centurion’s magazines. “Feminized Chastity Slave in Constant Bondage Becomes Sissy Maid to Mistress and her Friends” might have been the story header. It would be a story of complete and permanent transformation combined with a life of strict bondage, total servitude and obedience.

I will close today’s post with some of those early images that formed who I am today. I will certainly post more in the future.

First – This video cover is perhaps one of the most formative images for me. It is the cover jacket of a video of a woman who delivers her significant other to a castle where the Mistress is charged with transforming him through heavy doses of hormones, 24/7 strict bondage and obedience training over a period of six months. Although done in the 1970’s it is a fantastic video. I wished I was the transformed sissy being returned to her owner. The cover jacket was fantastic. Armbinder, dungeon, latex, nipple clamps, pump gag, chains, corset, sensory deprivation hood and posture collar.

The next series were from the various “Forced Womanhood / Slave Piercing” genre distributed by Centurians.

 These images are stunning to me. The frenum chastities, the armbinders or ceiling chains, the nipple rings generally attached to chastities, strict corsets, ballet boots or very high heels, and the use of straps, gags, collars and locks give a sense of hopelessness of their situation. Further, each of these sissies appears that they have been or are likely to be in their current state of bondage and discomfort for a very long time. Possibly this is to build up their endurance for more strict training to follow or to keep a sissy out of the way while the Mistress enjoys some simple pleasures, visits with friends, possibly goes to work for the day, or heads to the comfort of her bed for the evening. Wherever she is, one can imagine that the Mistress will take great pleasure with the knowledge that her sissy is not getting into any mischief, and that she anxiously awaits her Mistress’s return – hopefully to release her from her predicament and not to add further torment. The Mistress, of course, has no reason to lessen a sissy’s suffering unless she is needed to perform some duty or service for the Mistress or her friends.

Any thoughts or comments?

A Goal of Mistress Cindy

A new follower of this blog has a fetlife group,, that has the following video link listed:

Mistress Cindy loves the video and hopes someday soon I will be able to take something like this easily.  Like a hot knife through butter.  As you can see, Mistress Cindy has big goals for me!

She likes this one too!

And this one!

and these:

March 14, 2011

A little something from Mistress Cindy

I figured it was about time I introduced myself : I am Mistress Cindy - owner of sissy amy. I have instructed amy to create and maintain this blog for a number of reasons, a few of which she has already mentioned. My priority in regards to this blog is for amy to gain the confidence that I think she needs to further push herself to be a better sissy-slave. There are so many things that I hope we will get to experience in our future together and as you all will see, it has already been quite a long path.

As amy has already noted, we met online almost 10 years ago through a mummification group. At the time I was trying to quell my own submissive tendencies. Needless to say, I was a reluctant Domme. Sexually I had always been submissive. My work environment has always been in male dominated fields and as such, I had no choice but to "grow balls" and be one of the boys in order to gain and maintain their respect. The pretty girl, bat your eyes and play coy does not work with a bunch of men.

Never one to turn down an opportunity to try something new, when amy & I first met I will admit that I was overwhelmed, scared witless and didn't have a clue what to do. But somehow we managed and at some point I came to the realization that I actually enjoyed being the Dominant, being in control of the situation. A Domme is born! The rest, as they say, is history. I will let amy recount for you our trials and tribulations...they do make for an interesting tale.

I would like to ask our wonderful followers and readers to please feel free to make comments, ask questions and to make suggestions. We will try to answer them to the best of our abilities. This blog is just another chapter in our journey through life.

Thank you all again for taking the time to read this blog. I am looking forward to hearing from some of you soon!

Mistress Cindy

March 12, 2011

A Little History - I

I first met Mistress Cindy online over ten years ago.  We were both members of a yahoo group – but I do not remember which particular one.  Instant messaging is a wonderful thing.  I IM’d Mistress Cindy and we began a conversation.  We were both quite interested in bondage and had experienced some amount of play with others.  Interestingly, we were both on the submissive side of the equation.  It was also clear from the beginning that we both preferred strict bondage.  Nothing bugged us both more than looking at images that would have the submissive in loose ties, escapable mummy wraps and comfortable situations.  People – a single layer of plastic wrap over a torso is not really bondage.  Five layers of shrinkable pallet wrap with just a breathing tube totally covering the body, feet en pointe, hands balled – that is good for starters.  Uuummmm.  But I digress.

I have always considered myself to be a pretty good judge of people.  I am amazed how through IM it is almost easier to assess people than if they were standing right in front of you.  First physical clues are not there to deceive you.  You get a much better sense of the person.  IM allows you to determine idiots in a second, self indulged people in a minute, normal people over a conversation and truly intelligent, quality people over the course of several conversations.  Well it was very clear that Mistress Cindy fell into the last category.  We had wonderful conversations, exchanged pictures from the web, exchanged pictures of ourselves in bondage and carried on a wonderful online conversation.

As you might imagine, we discussed from time to time what we might do if we ever got together.  Right from the beginning, Mistress Cindy told me that if we ever got together, it would only be with Her as the dominant.  I am sure part of that was intelligent, self protection on Her part, but She was also interested in exploring that side.  I certainly agreed that that would certainly be acceptable and appropriate.  I also told Her that I owned a stainless steel chastity belt that I would lock myself in while we were together and allow Her to control the keys.  This made Her very happy.  I knew there was a big risk in doing that, as the belt is no CBx000 toy.  One’s entire package is inaccessible completely with some parts behind two layers of steel.  When locked the hasps are not accessible and the steel is very thick.  Without the keys, my only choice would be a locksmith – and that would be quite embarrassing.  But I felt I knew Her well enough to allow that if we ever got together…

If you are enjoying these posts or this blog, or even if you are not, please feel free to leave a comment here or drop a note to me or Mistress Cindy (especially if it is for Her eyes only).  We like to know if you find this journey interesting and learn of your thoughts and opinions.

First Picture Added

I hope you like this first picture I am posting.  Pink is such a pretty color.

March 9, 2011

The Submission, Training and Feminization of Sissy Amy

I was directed to create this blog at the direction of Mistress Cindy.  Mistress Cindy is very interested in using this media as a way to deepen my submission and accelerate my path to total sissification.  I, of course, have no idea of all Her plans for this blog, other than I am certain that I will be expected to produce musings that will please Her greatly.  In turn She will use it to push my limits as She has done from the beginning.  She has suggested that She wants a wide and active and participatory readership.  I am not sure this bodes well for me.  She will post items as She desires.
To date, She has used bondage, feminization, exposure and humiliation to mold me into a pleasing sissy.  She relishes my discomfort in my progress to being Her sissy slave.  But She has revealed to me that She has much more planned for me.  She began this journey with me out of curiosity.  She has continued it with verve and abandon as She has very much come to love it.  She has informed me that it is Her intention that I experience everything real women experience.  From feeling pretty to feeling sexy to feeling vulnerable, ogled and being filled in every way possible.   She believes I must experience tastes and smells and sensations that generally only women experience if I am to become Her ideal sissy and to learn how to look and act desirable beyond words and to provide flawless service to Her and to all whom She directs.
Mistress loves to employ chastity upon me whenever possible.  She says sissies should be chaste and we will address this in future posts.  When we are able to, Mistress Cindy is my keyholder and I am permitted release only with Her permission and never in Her presence.  Chastity makes me very pliable in Her control.  Frustration enhances Her control over me.  My desire to please Her soars with each passing day of denial.  Thoughts of disobedience evaporate.  Her pleasure is all I care about and focus on.  Whether it is from seeing me confined, tormented, teased, humiliated, or just a sight to behold with me dressed and made up to the nines or at Her complete and total service; She is easily aroused.  Time and again I must bring that arousal to completion, using only my hands (if I am able to), my mouth and my tongue.
The journey has just begun and this blog will be the instrument documenting and expanding my limits of sliding further into complete submission and feminization.  For my part I expect Mistress Cindy will look forward to any good counsel offered by the readership that She may wish to incorporate or involve in my complete emasculation and training for impeccable service.  I cannot now predict where this will go, but we have come a long way already.  Follow the journey of where we have come from and see or guide us to where we are going.

What to Expect
So what can you expect in this blog?  Soon I will post some background information about how Mistress Cindy and Sissy Amy’s relationship developed and many of our adventures.  As I said, Mistress Cindy will control the content that gets posted.  However, She has told me that the readership can expect me to post pictures of me in various en femme outfits – many of which I may not even currently own.  From there I would expect I may also be posting videos of me in sexy ensembles or bondage or both.  Mistress Cindy enjoys placing me in strict bondage and extended chastity.  My mental or physical comfort is of no concern to Her.  Indeed, quite the contrary.  She enjoys seeing me suffer both physically and through public humbling.  Moreover, She is aware of the positive benefits that constant and ever escalating training both mentally and physically in being the only surefire way to achieve Her goals for me – Total Sissification.  She demands it.  Expect to see lots of leather and stainless steel, ballet and 6” heels, corsets, total mummification in fiberglass and many other methods of control She has used in Her training.    
In fact, Mistress Cindy has suggested that it would be ideal if I were to do some modeling for a photographer or film maker of which some of the content could be posted here.  Any remuneration, regardless of how nominal, would belong to Mistress Cindy.  This worries me for the incentive this creates.  Mistress Cindy seems interested in services that Her sissy could avail herself of the readership, whether in the application of flattering and sexy makeup, enrolling in a proper maid academy or being fitted for sexy corsets, clothes and heels.  Mistress Cindy loves all these ideas.