June 13, 2014

Next Meeting – The Contract – Part 2

I will stop apologizing for the long delay – life just happens.  And believe me a lot has happened.

Anyway, I was in my full body latex catsuit.  She placed some thigh cuffs on me and some wrist cuffs and locked my wrists to my thighs.  She enjoyed seeing me in such a restrictive position.  She told me with the contract signed I could expect my limits to be pushed and expanded and I should not expect any kindness or mercy except at her discretion.  I should only think of ways to please her and make her happy.  I could expect to always be in chastity in her presence, I will not be permitted to orgasm without permission, and I can expect that she will not grant such permission.  However, I will provide her with many orgasms.  She also said she would also increase the amount of feminine attire I would be wearing under my clothing during the day, as well as at night. 

While lying on my back she inserted a locking penis / phallus gag in my mouth, secured the strap and locked it on.  The gag has a penis like object that is inserted into the mouth, and a long dildo / phallus that extends many inches out from the gag.  Mistress removed her clothes, then slowly squatted over my face and slid the phallus along her clit and slit.  As her juices started to flow she began slide the phallus inside her. 

 She started to move up and down the length of the phallus and would purposely stop on the down stroke to make sure she covered my face.  She would stay there while I enjoyed the smell of her amazing juices as she covered my nose while my mouth was filled with a ‘penis.’  Indeed it would force the penis in deeper.  She would take her time, but as her excitement started to build she was more focused on riding the phallus than cutting off my air.  It did not take long before she was riding me hard.  It was heavenly!  I could feel her orgasm start to build, and it made her really start to pound my face riding the phallus.  She was past the point of no return and now just needed to bring herself to completion.  She was peaking, causing her to grind her honey pot into my face as hard as she could without regard to my comfort.  She was now experiencing a mind numbing orgasm.  Wave after wave of pleasure for her. 

I fought for breath as she started to come down from her pleasure.  She finally recovered enough to rise off my face and let me gulp some air.  Pussy juices were all over my face and the phallus and I was deliriously inhaling them.  She reached over and unlocked the gag and removed it from my mouth. She turned it around and began to use the phallus end on my mouth so that I could clean her juices off the dildo thoroughly.  I was very appreciative.  It was delicious. 

I continued to lie there, nice and warm in my heavy rubber catsuit, enjoying the pleasure I had given Mistress and savoring all the smells and taste of her juices. Mistress kept the room warm as she loves for me to be superheated in the catsuit.  I know she wants to put me out in the hot sun someday to fully bake.  She walked over to her bag and returned with something in her hand.  She ordered me to open my mouth.  As I did she inserted a funnel into my mouth and proceeded to use duct tape to secure the funnel into position.  I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen next.

She kneeled down and straddled my head.  She warned me that I better keep up with her, and better not spill any of her precious nectar.  She relaxed her body and made sure that she positioned herself such to fully cover the funnel to assure that all her fluids would flow into it and directly into me.  It took her a minute, but finally I could hear the sound of her golden nectar hitting the funnel and knew I better prepare to consume it as fast as possible.   It was a trickle at first.  I had never experienced this before, but I knew it was an honor to be permitted to provide this service.  It certainly was a unique taste.  She started to let the flow go harder.  I had to start drinking quickly to keep up.  She must have been holding it for a long time.  I took in at least a liter of her golden fluid.  Once all the nectar had drained into me she removed the duct tape and funnel.  Then she lowered herself to my mouth and I began to lick her clean.  I was her toilet paper.   

Once I had her clean I could sense she was interested in more.  So I was now working toward providing her more pleasure.  I began to lick, nibble and suck her lips and nubbin.  As she became more excited she responded by rubbing herself up the full length of my nose and face.  She would lift herself as if F’in my face.  Then she would grind into me.  Without the use of my hands I could only use my mouth and tongue to frantically get her juices flowing.  Her grinding started to pay off and I could feel her thighs start to quiver.  I knew it was now only a matter of time.   I kept fighting for breath and licking and sucking.  Juices were really starting to flow and she rubbed them all over my face as if marking her territory.  Finally, she squeezed my head in her knees tightly as I heard a guttural moan of pleasure wash over her.  My nose and mouth were plastered deep inside her and it seemed like several minutes before she released me.  

I was so filled with pride for the way I serviced my Mistress.  She stood up and walked out of the room, leaving me there to stew in my catsuit in the warm room with her juices all over my face and her nectar inside me.  Still secured in my bondage.  I was in heaven.

I can see that there will be more Parts needed to fully describe this meeting.  I will do so before the end of the month.

As always comments appreciated.

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