April 1, 2017

Next Meeting – How my Fetlife Profile pic came to be - Part I

Sorry again for the 2 year delay.  I plan on doing this one in two parts. 

So for our next meeting, Mistress Cindy said she was going to take me to a proper salon to make me presentable.  This was important because she wanted to take me into the community.  We were to meet in Burlington, VT, at a hotel that she would be at.  Burlington is located about 325 miles from my house.  The one caveat, however, is that Mistress Cindy said I have drive up during the day in feminine attire.

I admit I was a little nervous at first.  The only wig I had was a blonde wig.  Frankly, I do not look good as a blonde.  Plus, it was too short.  I took a number of picture to send to Mistress Cindy, to see what she thought might be appropriate.  In the end she picked a nice outfit that I might feel comfortable wearing on the long drive.

As I got in my car, with the seatbelt strapped across the middle of my breasts, I headed off to VT.  Most of the travel was highway driving so no one probably saw or cared about me.  Would love to say some hot guy was checking me out – but that was not the case.  Eventually, however, I needed to get gas.  I had to get off the highway and pull into a gas station.  Doing that in the dress, top and heels made me quite nervous (the one to the right below).  But I filled the tank without incident and got back in the car. 

When I finally arrived at the hotel in Burlington it was night.  There were cars crossing the parking lot and I had to enter the hotel.  I have to say that at that moment in time I was clearly not passable.  I was a bit anxious as I went up to Mistress Cindy’s room.  I had gotten some odd looks.

When I arrived Mistress Cindy smiled.  She thought I looked “cute” but I know what she really thought.  Immediately I had to strip off my clothes and get into the tub.  She needed to shave my legs.  They were pretty hairy at the time.  No longer.  She went up and down until every hair was removed.  I had rented a cabin closer to Stowe as the salon was in Montpellier.  So off I went while Mistress Cindy remained at the hotel.

The following day Mistress Cindy came to the cabin and brought breakfast.  Then we headed off to the mall to pick up some earrings, and a necklace.  Also headed over to find a proper blouse and skirt, so that we were prepared to meet Claire at TG North aka The Wig Goddess.  I will update this shortly.  I promise.

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  1. This is a fascinating story I am so glad that I found you on Set. What delicious changes have taken place and all for the better I think. I really want to read the second part of this update hopefully it will arrive soon as your increased feminisation is delicious to read especially the cute little boobs that yo are developing. stephie x