March 26, 2015

The Next Meeting – Impaled, Maid, Vet Wrap & Leather – Part III – Final

Mistress Cindy had me sit on the bed.  I had brought with me a dozen rolls of green vet wrap.  She had me extend my hand and she began to wrap each of my fingers individually.  For those that do not know, vet wrap is a product that sticks to itself and is used for wrapping animal’s legs – such as horses.  It also rips very easily.  So it was easy to wrap all ten digits individually.  Next she placed a ball in my hand and wrapped over that.  She did the same with the other hand. 

With my hands useless, I stood up and she began to wrap my arms.  It is an easy process and does not really need to be wrapped tight.  Once both arms were wrapped, I held my arms out at ninety degrees.  This allowed Mistress Cindy to begin wrapping my chest.  She did this all the way down to my hips.  I sat back down on the bed and she began wrapping my feet and legs in the sticky vet wrap.  Once she got to the top of my thighs she stopped. 

Now she took a roll and wrapped it tightly around my little clitty.  Then she wrapped around behind my balls.  She then wrapped them in an X shape pattern.  Finally she stuck stuck my clitty to my balls and wrapped it further.  Finally she used the stickiness to pull it back and wrap up and around my cheeks until she had sealed it away.

Next she pulled out the industrial strength roll of plastic wrap I had brought.  She began again with wrapping my hands and arms.  Then she did each leg.  This time she was pulling things tight with lots of layers.  Several layers were added to my torso, and finally she kept wrapping all the way down to my ankles, sealing my legs together.  She pushed me onto the bed so that she could wrap around my feet.
What I did not previously mention was that she had me lay out my leather bondage sleep sack on the bed.  So I was now all wrapped up except for my arms in many layers of vet wrap and plastic wrap.  Mistress Cindy positioned me so that I could insert my legs into the base of the heavy leather sack.  She pulled the sack around me so I was fully laying inside.  Now I had to slide my arms into pockets inside the leather sleepsack so that I would not be able to move or release them.  Next she pulled the zipper all the way up to my neck. I was now tighly encased.  But that was not enough.  There was some heavy cord that could be used to make sure that the leather was pulled as tightly as possible.  Now I was tightly encased. 

But that was not all.  Next Mistress Cindy pulled my padded leather sensory deprivation hood over me.  She slipped it over my head and pulled the laces tight.  Three straps that can be pulled quite tight were then secured.  The hood has a ¼” grommet at the mouth and nothing more to breathe.  The padding on the hood is so heavy and with the straps pulled there is no ability to see or breathe through the nose. 

Mistress Cindy was finally satisfied that I was properly confined.  With that she put her feet up and read a book and watched a bit of TV.  I was sealed away in submissive bliss.  It felt so good to be sealed in the way that I was.  At some point I tried to get some friction on my genitals and tried to buck a little.  It was a hopeless task but felt a tiny bit good.  Mistress Cindy was laughing hysterically at my predicament.  But she also was not happy and told me to stop it.  Only way I could know that was when she swatted me there with a flogger.  I couldn’t feel much through all the layers but got the message. 

She hopped up on the bed and enjoyed lying on top of my prone body.  Then she would hump me to tease me further.  I was left there for a fantastic four hours.  Mistress Cindy finally removed my sensory deprivation hood, but nothing more.  Now she climbs up toward my head.  I see her lovely honey pot get just a few inches from my face.  She slowly lowers herself toward my mouth but keeps teasing me.  Finally she lets me taste her.  I am in heaven.  Mistress Cindy grinds herself on my face and I can’t get enough.  She gets so wet and starts to shake.  She grinds harder, and has a mind blowing orgasm.  She gets off me to clean herself up and I love the smell of her juices on my face.
Eventually I am released from all the layers of leather, plastic wrap and vet wrap.  This meeting has concluded and we have stepped things up again.

A new meeting will be posted soon.

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