March 7, 2015

The Next Meeting – Impaled, Maid, Vet Wrap & Leather – Part I

For the next meeting we returned to a town we had previously been to.  Mistress Cindy had gotten much more comfortable in her domination.  I arrived first at the hotel.  I had built a device out of PVC plumbing tubes to be a homemade impaler.  It worked by attaching a dildo onto the top of it.  I drilled a series of holes in the inner and outer portions of the tubes to allow a bolt to secure the device at various heights, including much higher than me standing.  I secured the device to a wooden base.

I knew approximately when Mistress Cindy said she would be there, but I had no way of knowing for sure.  I quickly got undressed and slipped into some stockings and added some ballet boots with 8” heels.  I set up my device in a closet [I had left an extra key at the front desk], added the dildo, lubed it and inserted it inside me.  Once it was all the way in, I placed the bolt through the proper hole and turned the nut.  As we had still only met a few times I did not take any further means to handcuff or otherwise tie myself.  I figured the impalement and ballet boots were sufficient.
All I could do now was stand there and wait.  Mistress Cindy was indeed late as she had been delayed.  Eventually, I heard the door open, and since I was looking away from the door toward the inside of the closet, I was just hoping it was Mistress Cindy and not someone else.  Mistress Cindy did not know I had made such a device so when she came in she was shocked but pleased.  ‘Well well well’ she said.  She inspected the device and removed the nut.  Then she raised it two more holes before re-securing it.   I was already on tip toes and now I was really impaled.

She left me there while she brought in her bags and gear.  After freshening herself up, she returned to me and released the bolt.   The 6” dildo came out with a sucking sound.  Mistress Cindy ordered me to get down on my knees and kiss her boots.  I immediately dropped down and began worshiping those gorgeous boots.  When she felt I had paid proper homage, I was allowed to rise and head into the room.  She had much to accomplish.

Part II soon.   


  1. Have you a picture of the Impaler?
    As I would love to make one.
    It sounds just what I need.

  2. Unfortunately I don't. Ultimately i realized that with my poor engineering skills, it was cheaper to buy one (a metal one). Has a spreader bar with an extendable bar. Mistress liked that one even better as you will learn about in one of our meetings.